Hanging clothing

Our customised services, dedicated to the "hanging" clothing sector.

  1. Goods unloading: on equipped ramps and sending to department for handling.
  2. Ironing and reconditioning: our highly qualified personnel is able to iron and recondition any type of garment. Our types of ironing: manual on presses - with mannequin - topper for trousers - industrial with tunnel.
  3. Testing and quality control: in the testing and repair department, our testers and seamstresses take care of the quality of the garments, in direct contact with the customer. Their professional training and twenty-year's experience acquired in the control of high-quality garments and prestigious brands guarantee quality control of the highest quality.
  4. Labelling checking, tagging, accessory customisation: A department is dedicated to checking the correspondence of labels and tags, "size marks" on hangers, to the application of barcodes, anti-shoplifting devices, application of additional tags,
  5. Bagging: a machine automatically bags the hanging garments coming from the previous testing and quality control departments.
  6. Hanging garment storage: the garments are stored in a technical box or in a customer box, in special warehouse spaces, ready for delivery.
  7. Picking management: order preparation takes place via automated or manual picking solutions. Our trained and fully-equipped staff guarantees speed of execution, precision and rigour in every step, up to delivery.
  8. RESTOCKING, RETURNS, OUTLETS, SAMPLES: rapid restocking, reconditioning and returned garment management, outlet supply and levelling and sample garment management service for capillary distribution to agents.


Management of flat garments such as: sweaters, shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, shoes, belts, glasses, ties, bags, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, brooches, cuff links, costume jewellery, purses.

  1. Packaging opening and goods control: upon receipt of the garments laid in the boxes, all control and labelling operations are carried out on sweaters, shirts, bags, shoes, costume jewellery, belts, gloves and accessories.
  2. Order composition: orders are composed by Customer and, on specific request, multiple kits are created for stores.
  3. Storage: the goods are stored in special shelving waiting for the picking lists.
  4. Shipping: the goods are prepared for shipment with boxing of the garments according to customer instructions. Picking list compilation for abroad, package labelling with addresses and details of the goods.